Dr. Joel P. Franklin is Associate Professor in Transport Analysis at KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY in Stockholm, SwedeN.
Research Interests:
  • Urban transport modeling
  • Land use / transport interactions
  • Equity and acceptability aspects of transport policies
  • Uncertainty and information aspects of travel behavior
  • Sustainable transport policy

KTH / Transport Science
Teknikringen 10
100 44 Stockholm

+46 8 790 8374



About the title

As all transport researchers know, red buses and blue buses are essentially the same, which can cause problems for modeling travel choices. In Stockholm, travelers put this to the test every day by getting around in blue-colored trunk-line buses or red-colored local buses. Whether they’re essentially the same or not is an open question. In theory, blue buses are more frequent, have more capacity, and move more quickly. But as many travelers have noticed, sometimes the red buses are as quick and reliable as the blue buses, and have at least as many free seats. While one Stockholmer sees red and blue buses as the essentially same, another sees them differently.

And in case you never read much Dr. Seuss…